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Statement of the Liberal Caucus in the House of Representatives on DFA Secretary Locsin’s cancellation of diplomatic passports for former Ambassadors

DFA Secretary Teodoro Locsin, Jr.’s decision to cancel diplomatic passports for former Ambassadors, it goes without saying, reeks of disrespect to diplomats who have served our country with honor. Beyond this, it also defies the law. No Filipino—regardless of the title he or she may hold—is above the law. Not even a secretary can flout […]

Statement of Partido Liberal on lowering the age of criminal responsibility to nine years old

We oppose moves in Congress to lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility to nine years old.

We stand by various studies cited in the current law, Republic Act 9344 or Juvenile Justice Welfare Act of 2006, that young people at that age do not have the same emotional, mental, or cognitive maturity as adults.