Statement of Liberal Party president Sen. Francis Pangilinan On special treatment of 10 convicts

Still embroiled in the GCTA mess, the Bureau of Corrections has gotten itself into another controversy when it allowed the transfer of 10 high profile inmates from the New Bilibid Prisons to the Marine barracks in Taguig.

The explanation of Justice Secretary Guevarra that the transfer was for security reasons is a virtual admission of the inability of our prison system to safeguard inmates. 

It should be stressed that the 10 convicts are already in the maximum security compound, which is supposedly heavily guarded and employs the strictest security measures.

More than a case of special treatment, one can’t help wonder if this is part of the reward the convicts are receiving for weaving stories and testifying against Senator Leila de Lima.

After securing a comfortable sanctuary at the Marines barracks, what is still in store for these convicts.

We might wake up one day to reports that they have been released, while Sen. De Lima remains incarcerated for a crime she never committed.