Statement of Liberal Party president Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan On proposed Senate resolution rebuking US legislators who called for release of Senator De Lima

With due respect, we disagree that there is interference on the part of the US Senate in its resolution calling for the release of Senator De Lima.

The Philippine Senate has in the past adopted similar resolutions on the situation of and concern for human rights in other countries and expressed gratitude for another country’s enactment of a law benefitting our countrymen.

In 2005, the Philippine Senate adopted PSRN 191, which expressed the sense of the Senate that Myanmar should not assume chairmanship of the ASEAN in light of Aung San Suu Kyi’s house arrest and political persecution and the continued violation of civil and political rights in that country.

In 2009, the Philippine Senate approved a resolution thanking US Congress for passing a bill granting recognition and benefits to Filipino World War II veterans.

In 2012, we approved PSRN 130, which expressed our support for Cambodia in its efforts to promote parliamentary and inclusive democracy by having fair and credible elections free from violence and electoral fraud.

These, as are the US legislators’ proposed resolutions on Sen. De Lima, are expressions of solidarity, which like humanity, knows no boundary.