We celebrate Law Day today as a faithful reminder that the Philippines is a nation of laws.

Before the law, everyone should be equal and no one should be above it. No matter who you are or where you come from, you should be treated equally and afforded due process.

These days, our society faces challenges to this age-old tenet. Our criminal justice system is in serious need of reforms; court cases gather dust in the dockets; suspects are incarcerated sometimes longer than their jail term; there is distrust on law enforcers; suspects are killed even before they are charged; and, in a number of cases, those who die are innocent people.

Throughout the world, adherence to the rule of law is central to the promise of a safe, free, and just society. Unfortunately, it is never handed on a silver platter.

In trying times as now, we have to assert our collective willingness to enforce the rule of law, because it guarantees a society that values rights, freedom, and humanity of its people.