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TAÑADA ON DUTERTE DEATH SQUADS: “Bakit pinapapatay ang Pilipino pero inaalagaan ang mga Tsinong kumukuha ng trabaho ng Pinoy?”

“All we ask is that President Duterte give his fellow Filipinos the same degree of respect and compassion that he gives to Chinese nationals. Bakit gusto niyang ipapatay ang mga kapwa Pilipino natin na istambay pero gusto niyang alagaan natin ang mga Tsinong kumukuha ng mga trabahong dapat mabigay sa Pilipino? This was the statement […]


Over 2,300 volunteers listen to 30,000 stories Mark, 20, a volunteer for Project Makinig, admits to having trouble interacting with people, especially strangers. “[Kaya] favorite kong part of Project Makinig is how sobrang genuine ng mga tao sa pag-share ng mga hinaing nila, mga aspirations,” he said after his listening weekend in Mandaluyong. “Yun yung […]

TAÑADA ON MEMORANDUM ORDER 32: “The only ‘Lawless Violence’ is Pinoys Being Butchered by High Commodity Prices and Inflation”

Former Deputy Speaker Lorenzo “Erin” Tañada branded the state of lawless violence proclaimed in Memorandum Order No. 32 (“MO 32”) as “fear-mongering,” saying, “the only ‘Lawless Violence’ here is in government and how it is letting Pinoys be butchered by high commodity prices and inflation.” “I was just in Bicol on the 22nd and the […]

Project Makinig listening movement gains momentum; Leni, Noy, Kiko join call

In an effort to find out about the Filipino experience, fears, and dreams, over 2,000 new members and young volunteers of Partido Liberal have gone on a face-to-face listening tour called Project Makinig, engaging in close to 15,000 conversations. Launched last October to go beyond the toxic social media environment, Project Makinig has gone out […]

Statement of Sen. Francis Pangilinan on the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists

Journalists play an indispensable role in the healthy functioning of our democracy: Kiko Journalists around the world work at great personal risk to report on issues that affect people’s lives. They bring to the fore abuses, corruption, and inefficiency and in return face threats, harassment, legal cases, and even death. But we cannot imagine a […]