Statement of the only legal and valid minority of the House

The Supreme Court already stated in their decision (G.R. No. 227757 promulgated July 25, 2017) that “xxx (a) all those who vote for the winning Speaker shall belong to the Majority and those who vote for other candidates shall belong to the Minority; (b) those who abstain from voting shall likewise be considered part of the Minority; and (c) the Minority Leader shall be elected by members of the Minority.”

The rules and process that allowed the new Speaker, Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, to ascend to her position are the same rules and process that determined who the members of the Minority Bloc are. Others who claim to be the Minority, but voted for the new Speaker, cannot do so. They are part of the Majority.

In fact, we have already organized our ranks and have chosen Former Deputy Speaker Miro Quimbo to be presented as the new Minority Leader.

Malinaw po kung sino ang ligal at wastong Minorya. Bukas po kami sa ibang mga kasamahan sa Kongreso para sumama sa aming hanay.

— Rep. Francis Gerald Abaya, Rep. Kaka Bag-ao, Rep. Teddy Baguilat, Rep. Bolet Banal, Rep. Kit Belmonte, Rep. Gabby Bordado, Rep. Raul Daza, Rep. Toff de Venecia, Rep. Edgar Erice, Rep. Edcel Lagman, Rep. Jocelyn Limkaichong, and Rep. Miro Quimbo