Statement of Liberal Party of the Philippines on VP electoral protest

The Liberal Party (LP) remains hopeful that the Supreme Court will exhibit urgency in deciding the election protest filed against Vice President Leni Robredo. We remain confident that the truth will finally be upheld, so that this issue may be laid to rest.

VP Robredo defeated Marcos by 263,473 votes in the 2016 vice presidential elections. This lead further grew to 278,566 votes with an additional 15,093 votes from a recount that Mr. Marcos himself pushed for. Malinaw na panalo si VP Leni noong 2016. Malinaw na siya rin ang nagwagi sa recount. Wala nang dapat hintayin pa ang Korte Suprema. Wala nang dahilan para pahabain pa ang kasong ito. In delaying a decision, the Supreme Court only risks allowing itself to be an unwitting tool for the losing candidate, Mr. Marcos, to use the protest to spread lies and deceit.

Again, we appeal to the Supreme Court to play its role in our democracy and put a stop to efforts to subvert the will of our people. We call on them to uphold Vice President Robredo’s victory in the 2016 elections.