Sedition raps is political harassment for objecting to mass murder, kowtowing to China, Marcos historical revisionism: Erin Tañada

This is the biggest case the collective opposition has so far faced under this administration. The Vice President, lawmakers, former senatorial candidates, human rights activists, private citizens, even priests and bishops have not been spared in this massive legal attack against those who have not stayed silent against the mass murder of drug suspects, the kowtowing to China, and the revisionism of Marcos history.

The very actions of the Office of the Solicitor General, whose mandate is to be an independent and autonomous office, is condemnable. This is not even the first time the OSG has been involved in silencing critics. We recall the quo warranto case against former Chief Justice Sereno, which the Solicitor General himself has called his legacy and a triumph. Is this another case he is orchestrating?

This is political harassment.

If they think they can silence us. If they think that these attacks would stop us from telling the truth. If they think dragging us down in the courts of public opinion would quiet dissent, they are wrong.

Dissent is essential to a democracy. We will continue to fight against abuses of power. We will continue to call out questionable actions and decisions. Most importantly, we stand by our people and continue to defend our democracy.

We put faith in our institutions that they remain firm in upholding the truth. We encourage our people to think critically and to not be afraid. We are on the right side of history.

Stop political harassment!