Partido Liberal on World AIDS Day: Access to safe, effective, affordable health care for all

We join the people of all nations in celebration of World AIDS 2017, which promotes the theme “Right to Health.”

The theme highlights the desire of everyone, including Filipinos, for access to safe, effective, affordable, and quality medicines, health commodities and health care services.

The statistics on the prevalence of HIV-AIDS in the country is alarming, especially the so-called millennials, more of whom are being diagnosed with HIV. The Department of Health (DOH) reported that in April this year, 80 percent of the newly diagnosed cases belong to the 15 to 34 age group.

No one should be left behind, especially the youth, not only in the fight against HIV-AIDS, but in access to health care and in ensuring a healthy environment for all.

Working together, we can achieve our goals of reducing new HIV infections, improving health outcomes of patients, increasing access to care, and building a comprehensive and immediate response to HIV.

Let us remember those who passed on because of HIV-AIDS, and let us continue to support the people living with HIV. Let us also recognize the advocates, care providers, doctors, nurses, and researchers, who are all working to help find a cure to HIV-AIDS.


Nakikiisa tayo sa mga mamamayan ng buong mundo sa pagdiriwang ng World AIDS Day 2017, na may temang “Right to Health.”

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